Mas Vida Tickets


Luke Wright

Hey groovy cats! I’m Luke, I’m 23 and I’m originally from south London.

I joined the Mas Vida Family at the beginning of this year, I was recruited after the we are festival after party - which we can only describe as the best after party of 2019 (those whom attended may remember me as a policeman or on the Sunday as a leopard).

My partying lifestyle is summed up in one word ENERGY! And I can certainly say I have found my match with Mas Vida as an event - for me the event has a complete new vibe to the scene and it’s far more unique than any of your regular festival, events or raves currently ran in the UK. The journey is very much at the beginning and it’s one I would urge anyone and everyone to be a part of.

Ain’t no party like a Más Vida party.

Gemma (Geyonce)
I'm 26 & originally from Ireland. I'm a newbie to the Mas Vida family and I can honestly say I love the little family it has created & happy to have been welcomed into their community! Me and my girls love the vibe. The Mas Vida events themselves are the epitome of what music is all about... bringing people together and connecting regardless of who they are or where they've come from. The music & atmosphere is electric. They know how to put on a good show come party with us!!!
Sorcha Honey
I met Kayne and Sanchez, the resident DJ’s of Mas Vida at an after party in true London fashion. This was at a time where they threw small club nights where the majority of the dance floor consisted of close friends and East London musical residents. From their Basing House origins where us ambassadors began the journey, we witnessed what can only be compared to as Pide Piper magic - enticing the footfall from the streets of Shoreditch, creating a genuine and organic following which quickly blew up in to a mass following. The embassador team is made up of DJ’s, friends and early set supporters. My Music Business Degree and journalism education have been available to the brand, not to mention love for the music and serious pro[SESH]ional skills.
Yagga Yo my names Pollee and I can most probably fit in your pocket!! Having following the brand to see it grow from strength to strength has been so nice to watch it has always been a brand that I have always been behind so now to be apart of something so special feels amazing. It is defo a party where everyone comes together you will always make new friends who will become friends for life. We are an amazing crazy family from all different backgrounds but one main thing that connects us is that we LOVE to party and always enjoying the good vibes of Mas Vida! Peace & Love P xx P.S I am the pocket rocket that has unlimited fuel here to out skank you
Chimane (Chimboogie)
I’m chimboogie. Things that stand out with the Mas Vida to start is the team, the talent, the concept of bringing people together to celebrate some of the best underground sounds from well-known DJs to DJs just starting out. Mas Vida is about music and love and that is why I am proud to be an ambassador.